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I am a British artist based in Lavant, near Chichester, in West Sussex, UK .

On this website you can find out a bit more about me, browse through a selection of my figurative oil paintings, and read some of my thoughts about my work.

Figurative oil paintings

One of the principle themes of my figurative paintings is our relationship with the past.

Many of my works combine elements from traditional paintings and sculptures with contemporary figures, man-made artifacts, and content from the natural world.  The result is a dreamlike synthesis that forms a commentary on our own time- sometimes surreal, sometimes  ironic or humorous.

I love figurative art because it is a shared language that is commonly understood, which means that it  is accessible to people with no artistic background. Like a spoken language, it is an established means of communication that can be used to say new things. As a figurative artist I can draw upon a rich legacy of the art of the past, and at the same time explore new possibilities. Figurative art enables me to  engage the imagination and create compositions that are visually and conceptually challenging.

Landscape paintings

Living in the countryside of the South Downs has revived my interest in landscape painting.

Landscape is the setting for human life, and can give us a sense of a wider context not just of history but of  space and time, drawing our eye beyond the visible horizon, and setting us into a geological time scale, and ancient natural cycles of weather and the seasons...

There is a rich history of British landscape painting and I very much enjoy referencing this
tradition, while at the same time seeing the countryside with fresh eyes.

Photo of artist Richard Whincop
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figurative art
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