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Product Design

Richard has deployed his creative skills and penchant for problem-solving in the development of innovative product designs. 

"In my designs I like to create the sense that all matter aspires to be alive." 


An award-winning  commission from Glasgow City Council, G2V was a collaboration between Richard and astronomer Dr. Graham Woan of Glasgow University. 


The innovative sundial design deployed astronomical data for unprecedented accuracy.


It was exhibited at Glasgow's Lighthouse Design Centre as part of the Glasgow Collection and subsequently at the British Embassy in Paris.

Gcdial no frame shadow s2s.jpg

In the Renaissance, 

Geometry was the common basis of Art, and Architecture.

Today, design software presents new opportunities  for a  fertile partnership between Art and Design.

A simple, elegant design, G2V was designed and manufactured as a flat-pack, self-assembly educational product for schools.


Die-cut from a single sheet of laminated, recycled board, G2V's slot and tab leg design allows for easy levelling. 

The gnomon casts a shadow that accurately tells both time and date.


Inspired by a Spitfire propellor blade, this is one of a range of slot-together furniture concepts designed for manufacture from recycled acrylic. The design minimises waste through integrating the shape of legs and top for cutting and flat-packing.

Helical sculpture E comb si.jpg

Examples from a series of papier maché products (left) that were both retailed and used in restuarants in Glasgow (L'Etoile, Modern India).

More recently Richard has evolved these designs into a series of organic sculpture concepts developed using digital software for 3-D printing (below).

Undersea fig v1 Finished v2.jpg
Undersea form 1 v1as.jpg
Muscleman v1 kink v2 v2s.jpg

This one-off commission for a flat-pack cat shelter is inspired by the paintings of Mondrian, with added Bauhaus functionality! It could be manufactured in a range of materials, including the latest environmentally-friendly recycled board.


Furhaus (2)bs.jpg

The plywood prototype proved very popular with the feline client! 

Furhaus v6s.jpg

This energetic design created in Adobe Illustrator exploits the fact that the human eye cannot picture a heart and a dancing figure at the same time. As a frieze it could be digitally printed or laser cut.


"In my commission in Calabria I painted an imaginary recreation of the palace of Roger II in Palermo, with tiled decoration inspired by Arabic designs. The stencils I made for these aroused my interest in tiled patterns and the possibility of creating repeated shapes that could be painted or digitally printed." 

 This design could be digitally printed or laser cut as a frieze... or a 3-D sculpture (right)


Dancing Figure v1a v1a1s.jpg

The interlocking shapes of the laser-cut side panels allow freedom to create patterns in different colours as well as different heights of shelving.


Modular shelving v4 secn s.jpg

The modular unit (above) has the look of a primitive life-form


Modular shelving v5 c2 v1tas.jpg
Modular shelving v5 c2 v1 t d2as.jpg

Parametric design software opens up new possibilities for creating 3-D products and bespoke sculptures. This wall panel design can be 3-D printed in a range of sizes and materials.


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