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Richard enjoys the challenge of designing and building sets for theatrical productions, combining 3-D design software and traditional hand-finishing in a range of materials. 

"Theatrical projects allow me to work on a large scale, and gain experience of project management and creative collaboration."

From the Renaissance to the Bauhaus, artists have designed architectural sets, props and costumes for theatre, festivals and street pageants.

Theatre offers artists opportunities for creative experiment

as well as involvement with their local communities.

Example Project: The Wind in the Willows

From 2-D design through to virtual 3-D visualisation, and finished product:

The architecture of Toad Hall, for Chichester Players' 2017 production of "The Wind in the Willows".

The vault of Toad Hall was a contemporary take on Gothic revival architecture, and used false perspective to heighten the sense of space.


Based on the concept of giant toys, the fleet of vehicles for "The Wind in the Willows", was fabricated largely from Correx sheeting to gain maximum effect from a very limited budget.

Below: plans and 3D renderings created in Fusion 360

product design software.


Left and right:

the "real" vehicles

Car DSC_6320Ss.jpg

Ratty's house incorporated hinged panels that opened to reveal the "shipwreck" interior, while Badger's house was created from a series of fold-out arches.

Stage set Chi High v14open C.jpg
Stage set Chi High 2 v5 support Rat v6aS
Willows BsS.jpg

Left: One of a set of backdrop projection designs created in Photoshop to enhance the atmosphere of the production

Below: production photos (courtesy of Richard Crossley). 

DSC01051 copys.jpg
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