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2-D/3-D Art

Richard exploration of the crossover between two and three dimensions began with his experiments with painted picture frames, which culminated in the use of real frames within the image.

"I'm fascinated by the possibilities for architecture to incorporate artworks inspired by the human figure." 

He is now exploring new 2-D/3-D concepts created with parametric design software, and the possibilities of combining digital cutting and hand-finishing. 

Victims of War 1 v1wS.jpg
Contact Power Source.JPG
Wall relief 1aaS.jpg
Angel 1 v2baS.jpg
Caryatid 1 v5a.jpg
Figure concepts 1aS.jpg

Richard is currently experimenting with using parametric 3-D design software to create adaptable, geometric designs with the potential for customisation by digital processes or hand-finishing. 

Icosahedron unit side triangle sketch di
icosahedron side Triangle R cut white si
icosahedron side Triangle R cut white v1

Above: based on the geometry of an icosahedron, this design is made by interlocking six simple angled sections to create a base unit.

Below: one of the many possible arrangements for base units - and how it might look customised with Richard's figurative imagery.

icosahedron side Triangle R cut white 4

Below: Examples of potential customisation using 3-D printing, CNC cutting and laser cutting.

Triangle sculpt2 splashSjpg.jpg
Triangle v1a.jpg
Triangle hexagon halftone taper minus 12
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