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“Contemporary architecture  is fluid, sculptural, and rich in allusion; the time is ripe for the re-integration of artwork that is meaningful and engaging.”

The relationship between people, art and architecture has provided a rich vein of imagery for Richard's figurative paintings. 

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Prior to the Renaissance, the norm was for artworks to be seamlessly integrated into architectural structures, in order to invest them with meaning.

Richard has also explored architecture through studying the principles of perspective, and creating structures in 3-D digital software.

Market Cross top view drawing Lg colour
Market Cross combi v12aB.jpg

Chichester Market Cross is a structure which seamlessly incorporates 2-D and 3-D artwork - and which could be considered an artwork itself.                Above: Richard's plan, virtual 3-D model outline, and painted study.

Octagon structure planS.jpg
Octagonal Strucure 2 v5A.jpg

Left: one of Richard's designs

for an interlocking 3-D structure 

incorporating 2-D artwork - inspired by the Market Cross's octagonal symmetry.

Having created many bespoke works for specific locations, Richard is currently developing innovative designs which integrates representations of the human form into architectural environments in a way that evokes traditional forms in a contemporary style.

Below: A figurative frieze design created by Richard using parametric design software.

Golden section rectangle parametric Fig4

“For a century now the human form has been a taboo to architects. Matisse and Chagall demonstrated that art could transforms modern interiors, giving them a human dimension. Unfortunately these examples were the exception rather than the rule.Today that could all change."

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